Ici tu peut voir tous les derniers changements sur nos serveurs, ainsi que les futurs changements

Type Date Auteur Intervention
FINISHED 27-10-2019 18:08:40 Romu

Spleef Update
Hello all, i'm happy to announce our new Spleef Game type What rewards ? Money, Title [ProSpleef] on chat and tab list.
How many Spleef available ? Only one at this time, more coming soon.
How many layer ? 4 on this arena ! Have a fun and let's fight !

FINISHED 15-10-2019 21:43:53 Romu

BedWars update

Dark-mine have now a new game type called "Bed Wars", but is not a simple bed wars like many server !
We have check for find a perfect solution for give to our players the desire to play our new game ;)
How ? Our bed wars is dynamic ! Like : 

You can get temporary the tag "[N°1]" on chat and on TAB list
You can get free dollars and free gems on rewards
BadWars Ranking available by command and soon on website
Lightweight and easy to run on server ! No TPS lose
Full GUI support for make this game easy for players
Trade with the dealer and get many greats items during round
In the "Upgrade" shop you can increase your greats  items
Full hologram support with timer and information's
Animation on ressources, teleport, bridge and many mores
Flexible arena from 2 to 8 for Classic, and from 2 to 4 players for Antique arena
Try to get all achievements on the bedwars Lobby (Nether stars icon)
Spectator mode available for players and when you die in bedwars
Special items like : Trap, Teleporter, Minishop, Rescue plateforme, Tnt Sheep, Bridge, Guard Do
Your base can be increased like : heal in your base,  increase spawn rate etc....

Get ready for big and fun wars !

FINISHED 14-10-2019 13:56:17 Romu

Fix links on topsite for match recent change
Complete modification of "shop" economy price into our dollars shop
Players can now "SELL" his own item to our shop dollars
Price of Gold pack (dollars) from VIP shop decrease -50% !
Our website now force user to use protected protocol https if simple http is used
Fix error with Quest plugins who can prevent item to be count
Fix of many translation error found on old plugins configuration
Removed plugins who change the "physic" of the block on ground. (Disabled complety)
Add a fresh and news Lobby for our futur Skyblock world
Add a cool and new Lobby for our futur Bed wars world
Add a new Pvp Arena (duel) with reward money and Title "[ProPvp]" for the winner

We have finally get our domain name, please change the old ip number by this new ip domain : play.dark-mine.com
This will prevent all players to gets trouble on futur change

FINISHED 13-10-2019 00:29:24 Romu

Opening Jobs in "Beta" phase, price, rewards, difficulty will be changed and affined in time
(During Beta only one jobs can be done at same time, more will be available later)
(Multiple feature like special item, jobs level, jobs level bonus and many more !)
A new PNJ called "Jobs" is now available on city
Add Turret Defense system, Personalize your defenses with our news turrets.
Add Safe Death Card (Prevent player to lost item/exp/level)
(Safe death card can be give to others with command /angels give <player> <quantity>)
Add "Spawner Mining", players can now mine spawner (Require "Silk touch 1" enchant !)
Players at least "Elite" can change spawner type with an egg of desired creature
Players at least "Fan" can change spawner type by command when looking a spawner
Add many spawner type into vip shop with new Spawner category
Rework home of VIP Shop, add more category and arrange item
Correction of kit icon "SecretKit"
Edited totem rewards, killer of last block get now [King] title in chat during 180min
(All member from the players who break last block get 2.500$ and 25 gems)
Fix traduction of Totem message who are wrong
Fix shop Key shop traduction
Complete modification of "shop" economy price into our dollars shop
Players can now "SELL" his own item to our shop
Price of Gold (dollars) pack from VIP shop decrease -50% !
Our website now force user to use protected protocol https if simple http is used
Fix error with Quest plugins who can prevent item to be count

FINISHED 05-10-2019 00:05:21 Romu

Increase time of night vision effect into farm zone wood/pig (up to 15min)
Debug and fix a config plugin who create lite tps lose many time per day
Fix vote message translation
Fix color name translation into vip shop
Fix a fly bug for players who can not fly with Elytra
Fix quest Extreme #15 (Stone bricks is now counted correctly)
Fix Nightmare quest serie (Description rewards match real rewards now)
Fix Miscellaneous quest #14 (requirement brewing is now 50 like description show)
Fix Gather quest #14 (Pumpkin seed will now count correctly)
Fix Extreme quest #55 (Rewards is now up to 10K)
Fix Extreme quest #48 (Icon quest show now correct block)
Fix quest Mining #3 (Rewars up from 750$ to 4500$)
Fix time format into scoreboard (Show now 00:05 instead of 24:05)

FINISHED 22-09-2019 21:12:46 Romu

Today our server have suffered his first bots attack.... 
Our server and all services are stay available during this attack (Noob attacker ?!)
Why this attack ? We don't know... Who do it ? We don't know....

So i have look how to stop this lite kid and i have install today a special and new security system.
What is this new system ? This will block many things and attack type like :
Proxy Blocking, VPN Blocking, APN Blocking, DNS Blocking, Nick attack, Ping attacks, Random name spam, multi account detection, Bots attack etc...

But our system do no simply check and ban like idiot script... For prevent lag we have carefully studied different checking algorithm values until we were happy with the most efficient and accurate one which least impacts the performance. We have tortured the plugin throughout our testing to ensure it will meet all expectations and demands it is required to do.

Our protection is a sophisticated and we use a combination of 14 checks all happening autonomously every single time a player joins until we decide that a player is definitely not a bot using a list of complicated algorithms hand produced by us which have been incorporated into our system.

FINISHED 22-09-2019 15:34:44 Romu

* Fix problem with stats tracking when players disconnect
* Fix connection issue when effects is applyed to a players
* Fix vote check loop who make TPS decreased one time per hours
* Add leave feature command for  prevent bug on inventory players
* Add special inventory system for have a save of all action of players
* Website is now more faster and fluid (Many code change)
* Fix Farming Quest #13 (Wrong description)
* Fix pets (Fun & Gadgets) Rename command permission
* Enchanted Golden Apple removed from chest DarkBox and Chance
* Add /votetop command to players (see top voter on the server)
* Regeneration of the forest arround main city spawn
* Add new word to ChatGame mini game

FINISHED 17-09-2019 01:07:24 Romu

Add channel "Bug Report" on Discord

Fix a memory lost du to last change
Fix lag ingame for many players
Fix Ranking statistics tracking
Fix Miscellaneous Quest #11 (Limit impossible to reach)
Fix Aqua quest #8, this now request quest #7 finished for start quest #8
Add Faction tutorial channel to our Discord with full command informations
Add command /rules ingame for all players
Add /balancetop command (show top money players on the server)
Players can now use torch and Redstone torch in second hand
Removed position of next totem into next totem warning message

FINISHED 13-09-2019 20:19:54 Romu

Server is now compatible from 1.9 to 1.14.4
Various fix in server side
Update and change on many plugins
Website menu change (More clear now)
Disabled combat detection system
Add automatic message with usefull info
Add "South Totem" on the Faction world
Add "Aqua East Totem" on the Faction world
(Be aware this is a trapped underwater totem !)
Rebuild of the exterior spawn city
Add news sound when players do special action
(Like name in chat, drop item, Hurt with arrow etc...)
Add tracking for more than 80 statistics ingame
Preparation of the new ranking
Add new "SecretKit" use /kit for kit informations
Add "Warp GUI" use /warp for open warps menu
(Now all players can user warp "Spawn", if you are at least rank "GOD" you get acces to Prison, Pig/Wood FarmZone, Minerals FarmZone, Portal, Chest, Quests, Shops warps)

FINISHED 10-09-2019 14:26:52 Romu

Add "Daily" Chest into spawn city.

Add "Daily chest key" into DailyBonus (/dailybonus)

Modification of our prison design and prison tower

Fix of many translation error

Add new Farm Zone "Pig" and "Wood"

Fix translation of ChatGame messages

Add "Chance" and "DarkBox key" into the "Vote Chest"

Modifications applyed to server side for performance

Add sign with info in front of all NPC in city


Remember to vote and invite your friend to our server !

FINISHED 27-08-2019 22:26:18 Romu

Add DarkBox Key to arena LaBrousse after waves 50. (100% chance)

Fix bug with comestic into MysteryBox who prevent any players to get the cosmetic permission.

Fix error on Pyramid MobArena configuration

After 60 days of no playing your faction will be removed. (claim,faction,money,faction rank etc...)

Change price reward into any quests and fix translation error.

FINISHED 16-06-2019 02:38:04 Romu

Add "Totem Faction" game feature, A new Totem appear all 3h. (Gems rewards for winner faction !)
Map Ender and Nether changed for new one with lite secured spawn point.
Fixed issue with reset of Ender map. Now the map and dragon reset correctly.
Add news words to ChatGame words list.
Add one time usage kit "Villager" (x10 villager spawn egg)

FINISHED 08-06-2019 19:23:24 Romu

New MobArena "Pyramid" is now open !
Removed buy price on the Shop.
Fix a use bug in city with the book idea chest.
Add command /drops toggle this command disable the 3D physic of block (prevent problem with hitbox items for any players)
You can now get a Mystery box all hours instead of all two hours (60% chance !)
Add probability on the Chest Vote items.
Fix rank kit permission issue
All quest rewards are now adjusted to the server's economy
Add command access "/tm sb toggle" to players. (permit to hidde the original scoreboard)(Usefull in MobArena !)

FINISHED 08-06-2019 02:45:41 Romu

Fix text traduction on sign in city. 
Fix text traduction on Elite rank description. 
Fix bug when rank Fighter, Warrior, Legend, God was buy !
Traduction de tout les kits disponible.
Fix bug on MobArena (La Brousse) Prevent monster to be blocked in top of three.
Change PNJ name from "Magasin" to "Shop" for match EN lang.
Fix error message when rank items was used (particle error)
Changed sign on teleport from "Récolte" to "Farm Map" for match EN lang.
Add news under water zone for Aquatic quest series.
Add fews news Pnj for Aquatic quest series.
Fix performances issue with Daily Rewards command.
Fix website on Live map page. (prevent live map to block during loading)

(Thanks Mavisu_ & Ryuzu_MC for all of your report !)

FINISHED 29-05-2019 23:31:06 Romu

* Since now when you sneak ingame you disapear from live map.
* Add notification red pop on menu name when you get notification.

FINISHED 29-05-2019 10:53:46 Romu

Many change and fix on our website has been done.

* A new banner more adapted to our current design, and especially lighter to load!
* Change menu link icons, link order reviewed.
* Reduced page weight to improve loading time
* Enabling a cache system that avoids unnecessary load on our web server resulting in a much faster overall load!
* Traduction of ALL post on our forum from French to French and english !
* Added complete tutorial into forum for Faction : http://dark-mine.com/topic/Faction-Information-usage.13/

IN PROGRESS 29-05-2019 09:39:51 Romu

Add new MobArena "Pyramid"

FINISHED 29-05-2019 06:56:51 Romu

Ranking is now available on our website.
Faction is at this time ranked by points.

FINISHED 26-05-2019 16:04:58 Romu

* You can now use the "reactions" in the channel # announcements-and-news on Discord.
* A new modo is now here to help you in game !
* Construction and configuration of our prison.
- From now on you will be punished in prison instead of taking a kick or ban
- - Cases like cheat, bug use and other more serious cases will be to them subject to immediate ban!
* Debug TNT in the world Faction.
- TNT can now be used in harvest and faction mode.
- The explosion of a TNT now causes less lag.
* Added life point on obsidian block (5 points per block)
* Added damage to obsidian block via TNT (1 point per TNT)
* Added an object to see the remaining points on an obsidian block.
- Tap on an obsidian with a potato for check point left
- The explosions of TNT are for the moment subject to the basic rules for water, lava and other cases!
* Fix the server crash caused by the Harvest map.
* Correction of the VOTE page on our website.
- Page now replaced by in-game voting.

FINISHED 23-05-2019 00:25:01 Romu

* Removed vote system on website
* Add ingame vote system (/vote)
* Add news vote link.
* Fix of many text and link into various menu
* Add ColorName to VIP shop

- yellow, magenta, light green, dark gree, blue, pink, grey, orange, originale.
* Creation of underground teleportation rooms for the aquarium quests.
* Add 7 new words in ChatGame.
* Modification of some bushes in the MobArena "The bush" to avoid the bug-camps.

FINISHED 19-05-2019 03:23:56 Romu

* Fix time for all vote site.
* Set gems per hours 10 gems and 20 gems if you are at least Fighter rank)
* Fix bug with Lava bucket who can not be used on any zone.
* Fix zone MobArena "La Brousse"
* Add DarkBox key for MobArena "La brousse" rewards
* Add 3 news boosters.
* Add AFK zone Aquarium.
* Add futur series of quest for Aquatic series. (Get kit aqua permission for free !)
* Add new special weapon into DarkBox called "Fruit du démon"

FINISHED 12-05-2019 23:06:16 Romu

* Fix bug on starpass mobile payment, Starpass can be used now.
* Fix bug on grade God who block all permission under this rank.
* Add 6 news booster (TheLastchance, FlashStyle, ImmortalTime, TheRock, UNKOWN)
* TPS stability settings tweaks.
* Fix bug with private message who are not received by target (/msg)
* Balance rewards of the "Nightmare" series quests.
* Openning MobArena "La Brousse", difficulty Middle.

FINISHED 11-05-2019 12:32:09 Romu

* Add blackbox into city.
* Add idea box + book distributor in city, give your idea and get free rank !
* Correction permission ranks shop.
* Correction permission faction ranks.
* Modification of the ChatGame (Delay changed and news words add)
* Add rewards when you stay connected 60 min (Gems !)
* Add key vote, for each vote you will get a key.
* Add anti bot - crash - spam security.
* Add faction trackers for live faction ranking on website.
* Correction for help menu (/aide) fix bug not show description.
* Install / Configuration / Tweak Anti lag.
* Creeper explosion will not break block arround spawn.

FINISHED 10-05-2019 06:22:51 Romu

* Changement des mécaniques de combat vers la version 1.8.
* Correction des permissions du grade Dieux.
* Correction et ajout de menu sur notre site internet.
* Correction de la FarmZone (échelle cassable)
* Correction d'une multitude de textes et descriptions.
* Ajout des pack 150$ et 1500$ dans la Mystery Box.
* Ajout des packs 100 gemmes et 150 gemmes dans la Mystery Box.
* Ajout des grade 10j Combattant et Guerrier dans la Mystery Box.
* Fix d'un bug bloquant les récompenses de vote.
* Ajout du PNJ "MiniPets" en ville (permet de choisir votre mini pets actif)
* Ajout du PNJ "MobArena" en ville pour nos futur aréne PVE
* Correction de la zone "FarmZone Guerrier" qui provoquait des lags en ville.
* Correction des 300 quêtes (modification des récompenses)
* Ajout des skin joueurs malgré l'acceptation du mode offline.

FINISHED 08-05-2019 16:15:04 Romu

* Ouverture du serveur au publique.
* Création de la MobArena "La Brousse" (Bientôt disponible !)
* Ajout de notre live map (disponible sur notre site menu "Jouer")
* Correction multiple des permissions/rangs.
* Correction des portails en ville.
* Ajout du PNJ "Maitre de jeu" dans la ville.
* Ajout du PNJ "Magasin ($)". /magasin
* Activation du SSL sur notre site internet + Finalisation du site.
* Ajout de 2 nouveaux "booster" (High Jump - Maitre du feu)
* Activation de l'event "Nouveaux joueurs" qui offre le grade Combattant durant 10 jours
* Changement de la 3D des objets au sol, les objets ont désormais un effet de poids.
* Mise en place du reset automatique des map Nether, Ender, Récolte.